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The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2019 is the most comprehensive preseason fantasy baseball magazine available. More than 1400 players are profiled, with statboxes, fantasy baseball bid prices, and player projections for those expected to be selected by fantasy teams. This year's Guide has a Top-30 Rookie of the Year ranking by our prospect panel, a mock draft featuring industry experts, Glenn Colton on how to win with a partner (he and Rick Wolf won Tout Wars AL in 2018), and Clay Link on winning the massive Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational. Rotoman returns with a new installment about putting together the Perfect Pitching Staff, and takes a look at whether or not leagues are won at the draft or during the season. JD Bolick returns with another look at unheralded prospects, a column that in the last two years unearthed Rhys Hoskins and Brian Anderson. Plus, you'll find our Multiposition Eligibility Chart and Position Rankings by dollar value, and more than 300 Picks and Pans from 28 industry experts spread throughout the player profiles.

The 2019 Fantasy Baseball Guide:Professional Edition will give you all the information you need to win ALL season.

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