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The Fantasy Football Guide 2018 is the 19th annual edition of this classic fantasy football preview magazine. It has hundreds of player profiles, projections and stat boxes covering all the fantasy football positions, including 60 individual defensive players. Regular features that help win leagues, like Bob Lung's consistency column, Dave Gawron's Strength of Season-long Schedule, Doug Anderson's Strength of Daily Schedule, John LaPresto's Injury Report, and JD Bolick's massive survey of this year's NFL Draft are back. This year's NFBC-style Mock Draft features 14 fantasy experts from a variety of publications and websites, with their opinions about every pick. Plus you'll find our extensive, annotated depth charts for each NFL team, and our writers survey, where the writers opine about their picks for this year's major awards, conference winners and Super Bowl champs. The Fantasy Football Guide 2018 also features Nick Zylak's counterintuitive and well-researched strategy article about drafting fantasy teams in the age of the pass. You won't want to miss it.

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